Most critical illnesses come unexpected; and depending on the severity, can seriously affect the quality of life of you and your loved ones.

Traditional health insurance can cover some costs of medical care. However, there are other expenses of everyday life that continue whether you are sick or not.

This is why you need critical illness coverage!

Cash benefits can be used for:
  • Reducing debt or other financial burdens.
  • Replacing loss income due to illness and inability to work
  • Alternative treatments not covered by your health plan
  • Medical bills, such as copayments and coinsurance
  • Paying rent or mortgage
  • Car expenses
  • Childcare expenses

Your Benefits

  • A cash transfer

    of up to $ 100,000 on the first occurrence of a covered critical illness or qualified event

  • Specialized advice

    to choose the plan with the best cost/benefit based on your needs.

  • Plans available

    to protect you, your partner and your children.

  • Affordable premiums

    that do not increase over time, with coverage available from $ 2.91.

  • A simple application

    that can be completed in minutes.

Supplementary coverage