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Check our 7 benefits that, for an affordable monthly cost, will pay you cash when you need it.

Below is the 2016 cost estimation for these accidents in the US:

Home $3,400,000
Non-motorized public vehicle $4,200,000
Without costs not insured by the employer $31,400,000
With costs not insured by the employer $42,400,000
Cash benefits can be used for:
  • Copayments or coinsurance
  • Accommodation and transportation expenses
  • Costs of medical assistance and recovery
  • Rent / mortgage
  • Automobile fees
  • Children’s nursery
  • Food and daily expenses

Your Benefits

Even if you receive benefits through Workers’ Compensation, you could get cash benefits for:

  • Accidental injuries

    $ 10,000 for accidental injuries resulting in hospitalization

  • Emergency room treatments

    $ 1,000 for each injury you treat in an emergency room or urgent care center.

  • Diagnostic test

    $ 1,000 for a main diagnostic test (one exam per year)

  • Follow-up treatments

    $ 100 for each follow-up visit for treatments or physical therapy (up to five visits per year)

  • Affordable premiums

    Affordable monthly premiums that do not increase over time, with coverage from $7.00 per month.

Supplementary coverage