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What do insurance agents do daily?

Whether a new independent insurance agent or an experienced one, every insurance agent or broker’s day should pretty much look the same. We’re breaking down what the average day looks like in terms of duties and responsibilities.

Identifying new opportunities:

Going through the current book of business to identify new opportunities such as changes or additions to current policies. Also, identifying if there is a need for other types of insurances such as life insurance, supplemental, etc.

Retaining clients:

Speaking to existing clients to stay top of mind and to renew policies, if necessary, is crucial. This will ensure agents are retaining their clients.


Agents should be working on their marketing strategies every day and looking for new ways to reach new clients and expand their book of business. At Claro, we assist our agents in coming up with new and innovative advertising and marketing strategies and create marketing pieces such as postcards and email blast templates for agents to use. Read more about marketing tips for agents here.


Meeting with potential clients who are looking to buy insurance, collecting client information and data to assess the best options for new clients.


Maintaining and updating client records, information, and inputting referrals, enrollments into the Agent Resource Center. A Claro Account Executives support agents with the tedious administrative process so that agents may focus on what they do the best… selling!

Being an independent insurance agent or broker can be a great and profitable career! Claro Insurance wants to support you on your path to success! Contact a Claro Insurance representative to discuss growth in your career: 1800-806-8027

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