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Soft Skills That Will Make You a Brilliant Insurance Agent

The insurance sales business has much to offer when you account for all the benefits. You can earn unlimited income. You can make your own hours, and you can even run a viable business of your own as you see fit. 

All personalities can succeed in insurance sales with hard work and knowledge. You’ll need several skill sets to thrive and prosper, and these qualities will involve some hard skills. On the other hand, your soft skill traits differ from the technical know-how that many occupations require. So, let’s take a closer look at some soft skills you can develop to enrich your business. 

What are Soft Skills? 

Soft skills reflect personality characteristics that blossom as you grow. You might be very outgoing, and communication and leadership come naturally to you. Or you’re more introverted but have solid attention to detail and teamwork skills. Although soft skills are more challenging to learn, they can evolve.

Hard skills are different. Becoming an insurance agent first mandates that you pass a licensing exam in your state. This acquired knowledge stays with you throughout your career, and product knowledge would be considered a hard skill as you gain information and apply it to your trade. The same might be said of mastering Excel spreadsheets for staying organized and learning to use customer relationship management software to bolster your sales and marketing efforts. 

Skills That Make Good Insurance Agents

What soft skills will help you crush it as an insurance agent? We’ve mentioned a few, so let’s dive deeper. 

  • Clear Communication  

Communication is two-fold in the insurance business. Primarily, you need to explain complex concepts in simplified terms. For instance, life insurance policies and strategies can be a bit overwhelming for many people. It’s up to you to help prospects understand the merit of what you’re selling. 

  • Time Management

You’ll need to follow up with customers after you’ve made a sale. This helps you secure cross-sell opportunities and builds customer loyalty. For this, you’ll need to prioritize time management and organization to remember to touch base with your customers and continue the conversation. 

  • Empathy 

Empathy involves putting yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Certainly, you understand that your products and services have value. You must convey that value while staying mindful of a potential customer’s budget and attitudes. Truly planning an insurance program geared toward the basic needs and financial status of a budding client helps show that you know your customer. Empathy also dispels any notion that you might be there to sell something to someone.   

  • Drive and Focus

Insurance is an activity-driven business. It would be best to seize your portion of the market because it won’t simply come to you. Marketing, prospecting, and sales will become the most important activities you’ll pursue as an insurance agent. Therefore, if you’ve always been viewed as a go-getter, you can parlay that label into a long and rewarding career in insurance sales with the support of Claro. 

Find Out How Your Skills Make You A Great Insurance Agent!

A well-diversified array of skills will get you where you want to go in the insurance sales business. Along with empathy, drive, and communication, you can also add soft skills such as emotional intelligence and teamwork. And you’ll want a great place to land while flashing those attributes. Claro is the perfect destination for budding agents who want to grow and be accompanied by expert guidance along the journey. Contact us today for more information.

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