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How To Start Your Own Insurance Agent Brokerage Firm

You’ve thought of starting your agency and becoming a successful entrepreneur and business owner but don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve got you covered we are sharing some of our tips for how to start your agency. As experts in the industry and growing and supporting agencies, we can help take your agency from zero agents to success in no time.

Create a business plan

A solid and well-thought-out business plan is never to be underestimated. This is essential to starting a successful business or insurance agency. Your business plan should include key concepts such as strategic plans such as marketing and sales plans. Highlight your goals and vision for your company. The plan should also detail financials and budgeting proposals. Having a concise and strategic business plan can make or break your first year as an entrepreneur. It helps you stay organized and focused among other things. Read more about what to include in your business plan.

Join an independent insurance agent brokerage firm that will support your business goals and help you scale.

Claro Insurance does just that. We have the expertise and experience in leveraging resources and utilizing marketing tools and techniques. We assist agencies that are looking to expand their network and reach in implementing our proven business model to enhance your competitiveness in the industry. Read more about what Claro Insurance does to help agencies looking to grow, succeed.

Marketing and advertising are the keys to growth

You can’t just wait for agents to come knocking on your door asking to join your agency. You have to get your name and business out there by having key marketing and advertising strategy. Leverage social media and post regularly. Also, attend community events where you can network with other agents which will allow you to start pitching what your agency has to offer. Reach out to agents directly on social media and LinkedIn and start making connections!

Starting your insurance agency can be an exciting yet overwhelming time. You don’t have to do it alone! Claro Insurance can help you grow your business and can support you in setting up your new agency to ensure success. Talk to a Claro account executive today to learn more and get started! 1-800-806-2527

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