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How to Make an Impact on Social Media Plans as an Insurance Agency

Social media can help with branding and growing your insurance agency. It is a critical tool. Now, it’s time to implement it into the way you’re doing business. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

Good content and well-designed social media plans work to grab your audience’s attention. An estimated 79% of consumers expect brands not just to have a social media account but to interact with them within a day using that tool, according to Sprout Social. You need an effective strategy to achieve this type of demand from your consumers.

5 Tips on Making an Impact on Your Agency’s Social Media

To make social media work for your insurance agency, engage your audience with the following tips.

#1: Set Attainable Goals

Establish specific goals for your social media efforts as a first step. Measuring goals ensures that you remain focused and reach what you’ve set out to achieve. What is not measured does not exist.

HubSpot recommends goals such as:

  • Driving more visitors to your website (consider adding 10% or more new visitors per month)
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve the level and type of customer service you provide through digital means
  • Get more leads – consider a specific increase that grows each month, such as 5%, 10%, and so on, as you build your audience
  • Boost engagement with your audience, such as commenting on posts or sharing your content.

#2: Create Great Content

To get people to engage with your social media, you have to give them some reason to do so. Great content may include:

  • Newsworthy articles and links about changes impacting insurance markets
  • Create high-quality, in-depth articles on insurance products, such as how-to guides or guides explaining different types of insurance policies
  • Offer high-quality content, industry news, and market research that gets people thinking about how insurance products may fit into their life
  • Use polls and stats to help show people the value
  • Create explanation content that outlines how to file a claim or the company’s specific features.

#3: Boost Video Content

Video content is a must for engagement. SproutSocial shares that 85% of people using social people want to see more videos from brands. How can you do that?

  • Create short, 2-to-3-minute videos explaining an important topic and short, 30-second videos for Instagram and Tik Tok that people will watch from start to finish
  • Interview existing clients for testimonials and share them on social media
  • Create short animated videos to break down complex topics.

#4: Find Tools That Support Your Efforts

Several tools exist that can help you engage your audience and track your results without spending all of your time on social media.

  • Claro marketing tools, including social media and email marketing templates that you can request through your Account executive
  • Consider a tool like Hootsuite to help you schedule your social media posts.
  • Create fun and engaging posts using Canva.
  • Get insight into how your posts do by using Buffer Analyze.

#5: Hire Influencers

Take things to the next level by working with influencers or people on social media that have a strong following. They can work to share your insurance brand with their audience. Keep the following in mind:

  • Analyze your niche and determine your target audience and which influencers on social media appeal to that audience.
  • Look for experts and influencers using a simple Google search like “Life insurance influencer” or “medical insurance experts” and try to work with them to create a plan.
  • Do a hashtag (#) search on Instagram for a product, industry, or competitor and connect with influencers that way.

Engage Your Audience and Build Your Brand

Getting active on social media can enhance your brand image and create more leads. It’s not something to put off, but a tool to engage in now. 

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