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How to become ultra-successful selling health and life insurance.

There is no such thing as overnight success. A career as an insurance agent can result in riches and ultra-success if you have a burning desire, a determination to succeed and a commitment to be diligent in carrying out your sales and increasing clientele.  If you want to be successful selling health and life insurance, there are a few things you must do and know.

Uncapped earning potential. The sky is the limit when selling health and life insurance policies there are unlimited opportunities to earn your riches. Unlike full-time jobs, as an insurance agent you earn commissions which allows you to make as much money as you are committed to make. Medicare insurance agents have a vast target market as there are approximately 10,000 baby boomers that turn 65 every day. Life insurance is product that anyone at any age can buy, and ACA insurance is becoming more and more convenient and popular for clients.

Lead generation and renewal income. By building your clientele and having them renew their policies, you receive renewal monthly income. As you become more knowledgeable and experienced in the industry you will be able to start recruiting agents under you and build passive income through your agency sales.


This is key as it allows you to double your commissions. Speaking to your clients and learning about what their needs, goals, ad priorities are will allow you to properly recommend products that you know will be beneficial for them. If you have a client that is looking for a health insurance policy, but you think they can also benefit from a life insurance policy, this will allow you to receive double the commissions by selling more than one policy. 

Join the team that helps you prosper. 

Anyone can become a successful insurance agent through their knowledge, hard work, persistence, vision, organization, team building and training.  At Claro insurance, our main priority and focus is to see to it that our agents become financially independent and meet all their sales goals. We can help your career in health and life insurance sales be a complete success. Claro can also work with you to help you start your own agency. Contact us to learn more: 1800-806-2527

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