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Here’s how to become an independent insurance agent

So, you’re thinking of starting a new and exciting career in health insurance sales and are looking for some guidance? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We are sharing just what you need to get on your way to becoming successful independent health and/or life insurance sales agent!

Here’s how to get your insurance sales career started:

  1.  Learn about the necessary state licensing requirements in your particular state.

    Here are some requirements to qualify for a 2-15 Health & Life Agent License, an applicant must complete each of the items and/or meet the associated requirements, as well as sit for their state exam:

  2. Complete the Florida Prelicensing Education.

    You will be required to complete a specific number of state-approved education credit hours. The number of hours varies depending on the license you are looking to obtain. You can get the details on our State Requirements page. Upon completion of your course, you will receive a certificate.

  3. Complete and submit Florida license application.

    Once you have completed the prelicensing education you may apply for the Florida insurance license. You can submit the license application on Florida’s Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services webpage.

  4. Complete a background check:

    The state of Florida does require health and life insurance applicants to complete a background check before issuing your license. You may learn more about the background check process on MorphoTrust USA.

  5. Take the Florida, Life, Accident, Health and Property & Casualty state exam.

  6. Once you pass the exam your background check and application will be reviewed by the state.

    You may find updates to your approval status on the MyProfile account on the FL Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services website.

Congratulations! Now that you have followed these steps and have obtained your license, you are ready to begin your career in insurance sales!

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