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Five questions every insurance agent should ask their client

No matter if your business is big or small, selling is not a minor task. Understanding the needs of your client and being empathic with their challenges can be very difficult if you don’t constantly reinforce your communication skills. 

In this dynamic industry, it is not only your customer who asks the questions, the truth is that the conversation is in both ways. Getting to know deeply the interests, passions, worries and the fears of the person with whom we are speaking is vital if we want to offer a quality service. 

In a world with so much information, you need to make sure that the data you have is reliable and true, so you can offer it to your clients without any concern. We want to help you to filter the internet information because taking care of your customers is taking care of your work.

Here are five questions you should ask your customers to provide adequate advice and increase your sales.

1. When you buy a health insurance policy, what do you want it to accomplish?

This is a very good option to discover the goals and the previous knowledge your client has about the insurance world. When you get the answer, you can propose a much better plan that suits, or even overcome, the initial expectations. Remember that each person is from a different world. Understanding their story will help you understand why they are applying for health insurance. Letting him answer this question, without interruptions, will draw the roadmap to start the adventure.

2. How much do you think health insurance costs?

Many times people have a  misconception about the real cost of health insurance. LIMRA’s Life Insurance Barometer Study discovered that 44 % of Millennials estimate that life insurance costs up to six times what it is really worth.Clear up this misconception can be a great help for you. In case the value is above the actual price, clarifying it can surprise your customer and generate a more open approach that resolves a very good sale. Also, you can add value to your client if you show them the benefits, additional discounts, or subsidies to which they can apply if they sign up with you.

On the contrary, if the price is lower than what you initially wanted to offer, with their reply you can suggest a plan that best suits their needs.

3. How do you expect your children/loved ones to benefit from this insurance?

As we mentioned in the beginning, being genuinely interested in the life of your customer is one of the ‘commandments’ for an insurance agent. Asking about their children or their loved ones and how the future looks for them not only allows your client to feel closer to you but also lets them put themselves in perspective and analyze their future.Although it may seem like a simple question, it is not. This will permit you to show your client that you deeply understand their story, and elevates you as a problem solver who offers them different options that fits their needs and protects them regardless of the seriousness of the event. This question assures them that you do not want a catastrophe for their loved ones, you wish them to be covered and anticipate in case of an eventuality.

4. What were your concerns and thoughts when you inquired about health insurance options?

This question works very well when the client has already purchased health insurance, maybe with the same carrier or with another. With their answer, you can learn from the mistakes made and propose options for improvement. This will make your client feel confident with you and in seeing you as a guide to trust.When your client has finished with their answer, you can take advantage of the moment and tell them your story as an agent or a similar story with one of your clients. Storytelling and success stories are powerful sales tools.

Talking about the doubts, the fears, and the worries you have at the beginning of your career, and how you solve them, is the best way to assure them that you understand their situation and you have the experience to suggest the best insurance options.

In addition, this is a chance to answer any doubts that your customer may have about the process of enrolling through stories and experiences.

5. When was the last time you met with your insurance agent?

Frequently, agents do not see the continuity of their clients as something relevant.Maintaining a stable relationship with your customers allows you to constantly update their information. In a year, life takes us down different paths, so we need to update our tools to offer the best service.

With this question, you as an agent can guarantee stability and security, which will show your client that you not only care about the sale but also that you are genuinely interested in building a current relationship that will leave a mark on them and that will make them loyal to your work as an agent.

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