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Crucial tactics on how to take care of your customers during SEP?

One can argue that in the insurance business, retaining your clients is just as, if not more important, than targeting new ones. This has become that much more difficult considering the 2020 global pandemic and the current state of the world has hindered outreach efforts and communication in general. For this reason, we want to highlight some methods and strategies that you can adopt as an independent insurance agent and ensure you are taking advantage of customer retention tools provided by Claro.

According to experts, the most important step to increasing client retention and ensure they return is understand why you client is not returning in the first place. Knowing this very simple question is the key to understanding the pivot and adjustments that need to be made in your business to ensure satisfied retuning clients.

Here is a powerful retention strategy to be taken into consideration:

  • Appreciation goes a long way: Thanking your clients for their business and for being loyal speaks volumes. A thank you note is a small but nice gesture that will stand out to your clients in the future when deciding where to take their business.
  • Provide value and dependability. Be available as needed. This will ensure that your client wills not reach out to another agent that is more readily available. It is important to be flexible with your clients and be available after hours for meetings and calls.
  • ALWAYS request and be open to receiving feedback. This is crucial to ensure you have a satisfied loyal client. This will give you an idea of what adjustments you need to make in your client relationships, and they will appreciate your efforts in improving their overall personalized experience.
  • Invite loyal clients to industry functions such as events, meetings, etc. Extend an invitation to educational events and summits. It’s a way to engage your clients in a non-business setting and even if your clients are unable to attend, they will appreciate the invitation.

Take advantage of our Client Retention Tool Kit to improve retention and communication among your clients! We are offering our agents tools and resources to promote your services on your social media accounts as well as flyers to notify your clients of the Special Enrollment Period.

Overall, customer satisfaction and retention should be your #1 business strategy. Contact your account executive to learn about more ways to effectively retain your existing clients and to access the client retention tool kit:1-800-806-2527

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