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Boost client engagement during a pandemic!

The current state of the nation has proven to be very unsettling for businesses across the country. Forcing millions to shut their doors and work remotely. Forever changing the way, we communicate with clients and loved ones. So how can we not only maintain contact and communication during a global pandemic but increase it? Communication and engagement are crucial to make sure sales do not decline in your business.

Contrary to what you might think, Zoom meetings and texting are not the most effective ways to communicate with your clients these days. The answer might startle you. According to new research conducted by APA PsycNet, the method of communication that is proven as a more positive and meaningful connection these days is an old-fashioned phone call. Who would have thought? According to researchers, Results indicated that interactions including voice (phone, video chat, and voice chat) created stronger social bonds and no increase in awkwardness, compared with interactions including text (e-mail, text chat).

Picking up the phone to speak to a client is perceived as more intimate and friendly, as opposed to a standard text message or email. Interactions through a phone call or voice call have proven to have a more positive and lasting impression on the person who is receiving the call. Individuals also report a preference for a phone conversation over a Zoom call, as it is perceived as more of a technical and official meeting. Not as a cordial conversation. For example, as an agent, you need to periodically touch base with your clients to make sure their insurance needs are covered and to give them any upcoming updates on benefits or enrollment details. Calling your client to touch base and communicate any other information would probably have a better and longer lasting impact on them.

In short, there is no doubt that a global pandemic has made it that much more difficult to communicate with your clients. But when reaching out to a client, try going back to basics with a regular phone call. The advantages according to research, outnumber the drawbacks by far. So, do not be shy you will be surprised at the positive reactions you may get by phoning your clients. Tell us how you feel in the comments below! Are you for or against business calls?

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